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The TC-39 is organizing the 1st international workshop oriented to applied measurements in power systems. The goal is to mainly collect scientific contributions from industries and laboratories, besides purely academic world. The idea is to create a channel to facilitate the recognition and update of the main urgent measurement issues and challenges in modern power networks. At the same time, currently adopted solutions and actions will also be discussed to stimulate improvements. With the growing interest towards the concept of Smart Grids, new kinds of measurement devices and appliances are increasingly requested to substitute the present ones. They must feature higher performances in terms of bandwidth, accuracy, weight, cost, options, communications, power supply, reliability. This opens a variety of new measurement as well as certification challenges. Indeed, most part of certification laboratories are not equipped to test, calibrate and certify new nonconventional sensors and instruments. The workshop will offer a special opportunity to all those involved in the above topics for an open discussion that facilitates the exchange of solutions, proposals and collaborations. Moreover this event will serve also for exploring interest and availability of the participants to work on coordinated proposals for new technical Standards to update the old ones.

Workshop Topics

This Workshop will focus on all the aspects related to sensors and measurements in the field of power network and power systems. Main topics, but not limited to, include


  • Measurement issues in Smart Grids
  • New generation of revenue metering
  • Sensors for protection relays and for special applications in power systems
  • Nonconventional current and voltage sensors
  • Reliability of measurement apparatus for control and management of power networks
  • Measurement systems for diagnostic purposes
  • Development of coordinated proposals for new Standards.
  • Distributed measurement systems
  • Certification issues of nonconventional measurement systems and apparatus

The expected contributions to be presented in the 2nd edition of the AMPS workshop should address these problematic issues and bring up critical opinions and innovative solutions to instrumentation and measurement challenges in power applications.

Expected Audience

We expect several communities from around the world to contribute to the workshop:

  • Researchers and practitioners from Industry who are concerned with problems related to measurements on power systems;
  • Researchers from Universities who are actively involved in measurement and instrumentation research;
  • Members of Technical Committees of Standard Organizations actively involved in the production or revision of Standard documents.